About the (blog) Author

Hi! My name is Julia Skinner. I started this project years ago as a graduate student in Library and Information Science and the Center for the Book at the University of Iowa. This project has gone through many iterations, but eventually went online as a part of my final project for the Center for the Book certificate, and I am working on several other projects as well.

I went on to complete my PhD, and now work as Rare Books Curator for Kennesaw State University.  I am building a culinary history collection there, and am continuing to do culinary history writing here and elsewhere. I also do other social science research focusing on responses to change, including by historical institutions, social media users, and victims of violence. I also enjoy working with theory building and theory testing.

Outside of work, I travel, cook, and work on my house (and garden).

Please feel free to contact me about this or my other projects–I love hearing from folks! You can email me at Juliacskinner at gmail dot com


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